Climate Solutions Group

Financing Overview

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CSG’s innovative financing strategies provide an array of investment opportunities in the low-carbon economy.

Our platform of low-carbon finance strategies can provide financing to any low-carbon or sustainability related project. CSG can help both emitters and project developers finance projects regardless of jurisdiction, project type, or regulation.

The platform is based on our four core proven financing strategies, based on the expertise and experience of the CSG Team. Click on the following icons to find which financing strategies can help you deliver your low-carbon project:

Low Carbon Offset Strategy

Carbon Cost Reduction Strategy

Low Carbon Commodity Strategy

Low Carbon Finance Strategy


Project developers benefit from financing through the Climate Solutions Group in the following ways:

  • Thorough evaluation to determine project validity and verification, proper compliance, and quality
  • Up-front capital backed by our proven contract agreements
  • On-going assistance to guarantee reliable delivery and payment