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Carbon Emissions_cap and trade auction


Aug 2017


Emission Allowances Sell Out at Successful 12th Joint Cap and Trade Auction

Last week on August 15th, Quebec and California of the Western Climate Initiative held the twelfth joint cap and trade auction. The auction was a success, with both current 2017 and future 2020 vintage allowances selling out completely. The success of the auction reflects that the cap and trade program is firmly cemented into the ...

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California Supreme Court


Jul 2017


California Supreme Court Solidifies Cap and Trade Program

After a four-year legal challenge, the California Supreme court declined to hear an appeal by business groups that believed the cap and trade program was equal to an unconstitutional tax. The case firmly establishes the legality of the cap and trade program and will provide regulatory certainty to emitters, carbon market ...

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WCI Auction Results


May 2017


What does the May 16th WCI auction mean for Ontario?

Strong results of the 11th Joint Auction between California and Quebec of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) were announced by regulators on May 24th, 2017. The auction, held on May 16th, 2017, sold out current vintage allowances for the first time since November 2015. The WCI auction results are good news for Ontario. Why? The ...

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Apr 2017


Boost to Cap and Trade Legitimacy in California

On April 6th, the California Court of Appeal upheld the California Air Resource Board’s cap and trade program. This is a big deal. California is the world’s sixth largest economy and it is balancing the priorities of economic growth tackling climate change. This sets a precedent for other jurisdictions and shows that cap and ...

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