Climate Solutions Group

Low Carbon Project Services

CSG provides strategic advice to clients who want to develop best-in-class low carbon projects.

Project Types

CSG works with small to medium low-carbon project developers across North America, regardless of regulation, legislation, or government programming differences. Our project focus includes:

  • Carbon offset projects
  • Carbon costs avoidance projects
  • Biofuel/biogas/renewable natural gas projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Other low-carbon or sustainability related projects

Project Services

CSG, together with industry partners can provide services and advice to project developers including:

  • Advice on carbon markets, emissions trading schemes and protocols
  • Project Eligibility and Feasibility Analysis
  • Technical Design for maximizing carbon reductions/commodity production
  • Legal and Regulatory Documentation
  • Project Validation and Approval
  • Project Monitoring, Reporting and Verification
  • Offset Registration Management and Trading

Contact CSG today if you are interested in discussing any of our low-carbon project services.