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Carbon Cost Reduction

Forward thinking organizations may be seeking to reduce compliance costs through internal emission reduction projects before the cost of carbon rises in the future. External capital is often attractive for emission reduction projects. The Climate Solutions Group has the expertise to understand the risk and finance considerations of emission reduction projects.

Visit our Carbon Cost Reduction Financing page to learn how we can work with you to take your emission reduction project from an idea to reality.

Carbon Risk Reduction

CSG can identify your overall carbon risk exposure and help you navigate emerging and complex regulations to develop a carbon reduction program. Our carbon risk reduction program provides cost effective emissions reductions and compliance solutions by incorporating six distinct steps, designed around your specific needs:

  1. Understand your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities
  2. Measure your carbon footprint and compliance exposure
  3. Set carbon reduction targets, risks, costs and options
  4. Make internal carbon reductions
  5. Invest in carbon reduction projects
  6. Offset remaining exposure through emissions trading

Contact CSG today if you are interested in discussing how you can benefit from our carbon risk reduction program.